By Kimonos
Music and Lyrics by Kimonos (Shutoku Mukai and Leo Imai)


ハイヤ ハイヤ ハイヤ ハイヤ
haiya haiya haiya haiya
Higher higher higher higher


shin to shita heya de hitorikkiri de tsuttatte
I stand alone in this room scene

tenjou miage dekkai koe de sakebu
Looking up at the ceiling, with a large voice, screaming

namida majiri no chichai chichai tameiki wo
A babyish sigh mixed with tears

rokujou hitoma no kuuchuu ni maki chirasu
scattered with kindling into the air of a six tatami mat room

piin to hari tsumeta
A paean formed

hiyakkoi hiyakkoi kuuki
in the refridgerated atmosphere

doko ni mo todoka nai
It reached nowhere

koe wa munashiku chicchatta
the voice already dissolved in vain

ハイヤ ハイヤ ハイヤ ハイヤ
haiya haiya haiya haiya
Higher higher higher higher


I’m gonna walk up to the door
Cannot take this pressure anymore
It’s been so long since I felt the heat
But I’m gonna get back on my feet

My sunglasses seem to melt in the summer sun
I’m a soldier of the streets
And I keep marching on and on
And my marching songs soaring through the sky

Higher, higher, higher, higher


Note: (from Wikipedia): “A paean is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paean


~ by seitekishoudo on November 27, 2010.

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