The Girl In The Kimono Dress

The Girl In The Kimono Dress
By Kimonos
Music and Lyrics by Kimonos (Shutoku Mukai and Leo Imai)

ano kurai doukutsu ni haitte miyou
I’ll try entering that dark cave

mita koto nai doubutsu wo sagashite miyou
I’ll try to search for that animal I’ve never seen before

amai kaori ga tadayotte
A sweet aroma drifted through the air

hara no mushi ga nari dashita
with the ringing of insect’s stomachs

着物を着たお嬢さん 絵の中で
kimono wo kita ojousan e no naka de
A young woman wearing a kimono in a painting

くすくす笑って 奇麗だね
kusukusu waratte kirei dane
giggling, laughing… so beautiful

toorisugiru maboroshi oikakete
Chasing a passing illusion

辿り着いた町に 骨埋め
tadoritsuita machi ni hone utsu me
The struggling city is finally buried under bones

The girl in the kimono dress

That girl, she calls to me
In the middle of the night
Her face is raised a little
Trying to catch the morning light

When she smiles like that
I know not what to say
For all the dreams she had
Have now been swept away

The girl in the kimono dress


~ by seitekishoudo on November 19, 2010.

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