DRUNK AFTERNOON English Translation



夏が過ぎて 真昼の酩酊
―故郷のあの香りは いまだ変わらないだろうか?―

砂漠の格闘 都会のまん中
午後1時オレ、いま5杯目GALAXIE500 聞いて酩酊
LからRへ 行く間に見える 知らない景色
届きますか? つながりますか? あなたのところへ


natsu ga sugite mashiru no meitei
ore wa houkansha. tokai no chuusuu
han tsumetai gogo no kaze wa fuwa fuwa to
mado kara fuukei ni aisatsu
machi ni ikiru hito tachi wo shiru
-furusato no ano kaori wa imada kawaranai darouka?-

sabaku no kakutou tokai no man naka
iromachi de wa hadaka no onna ga matte iru rashii
gogo ichi ji ore, ima go hai me GALAXIE500 kiite meitei
L kara R he iku ma ni mieru shiranai keshiki
todokimasuka? tsunagarimasuka? anata no tokoro he


Summer is over. Drunk at midday
I am an onlooker. Watching the city’s center
The half freezing afternoon breeze is airy
A greeting from the window to the scenery
The people who live in the city know
-You think the smell of your hometown still hasn’t changed?-

A desert fight at the city’s center
The red light district seems to be waiting for naked women
At 1 PM, I listen to Galaxie 500 with 5 sake glasses, drunk
Left to right, I proceed to look around the room, these unfamiliar surroundings
Are you paying attention? Is this related? This is your place


Note: Ahito messes up the count-off on the recording of this song.
Galaxie 500 was an American band that was active from 1987 – 1991. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxie_500
Kanji lyrics found at http://jpop.yinyueabc.com


3 thoughts on “DRUNK AFTERNOON English Translation

    1. Sure! He actually doesn’t mess up the count, but either drops his sticks or hits his sticks out of his hands while he’s tapping out the count with them. The count for this song is “D-A-V-E”. It possibly refers to Dave Fridmann, who produced Number Girl from 1999-2002, including this EP. Mukai also worked with Fridmann again in 2008 for Zazen Boys 4.

  1. Thanks for the info! The version I had actually didn’t include him messing up, just the regular count. I recently downloaded the single again and it had this song with him messing up the count, sound like he broke a stick! 🙂

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