School started last week, so updates will be more sparse.


8 thoughts on “School

  1. Dude, this is flippin’ amazing. I’ve listened to Number Girl/Zazen Boys/Toddle/BtB/Vola, et. al for years, and it’s so difficult to find translations for the lyrics. The only luck I had was at Cent-J years ago and over at Distortional Addict. So a huge thank you for demystifying these lyrics!

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad they are helping other people like they are helping me.

      Would you happen to have any requests for what you would like to see next, or any other bands that would be interesting?

  2. I’m actually a huge Blankey Jet City fan (Number Girl and BJC are my two favorite bands), but I’m not sure how you feel about them. There are literally no lyrics translations available for ANY of the songs. I’ve listened to them for about 7 years now, and about the only thing I’ve come across that helped me understand even a little bit about what the songs could be about is using babelfish and google translations haha. Um… aside from that, Sparta Locals or Elephant Kashimashi would definitely be interesting (EK’s lyrics are always lauded by critics)

    My favorite Zazen song is probably “Jimon Jitou” and I see you’ve translated the bulk of Num Heavy Metallic and Sappukei so a million thanks to you for that.

    I asked someone on Distortional Addict to translate the Butchers’ “Poolside” for me once, and he did, but I’d like to see your interpretation if you’ve got the time.

    1. I actually enjoy Blankey Jet City as well. I was thinking of doing an album translation of ロメオの心臓. The rest of my to do list is the rest of Zazen Boys 1, The new VOLA album that’s coming out, the eastern youth album Kanjusei Outou Seyo, and some more Oreskaband. If you have some certain BJC songs you’d like to see, let me know. Also, I will check out EK and Sparta Locals. I have heard them before but not listened to them too much.

  3. Oh, a translation of Romeo no Shinzou would be amazing. That album contains two of my favorites by BJC – Kimi no tenohira ni and Shiawase na hito. My favorite album by BJC is either Red Guitar and the Truth or Bang. If there was one song I would LOVE to have a translation of, it’d definitely be Warui Hitotachi off of C.B. Jim. That’s my favorite song, period.

    Other songs I would be interested in would be: Saturday Night, Zetsubou Toiu na no Chikatetsu (Bang), Futari no Tabi (Bang), Sweater no Waku no Tore Ga Ikashi (Bang), Shinigami no Sangurasu (C.B. Jim), Punky Bad Hip (C.B. Jim), Fuyu no Mori (Harlem Jets), Dynamite Pussy Cats (Skunk), 15 sai (Skunk), Mickey Duck (Love Flash Fever), Dennis Hopper (Love Flash Fever), Boku no Kokoro wo Torimodosu Tame Ni (Red Guitar), Mune Ga Koware Sou (Red Guitar), Guardrail ni Suwari Nagara (Red Guitar) and lastly Cat Was Dead (Red Guitar).

    Sparta Locals are probably one of the best post Number Girl bands to come out of Japan I think. They are even from Fukuoka, just like NG. Their album Second Fanfare is a definitely a classic, very strong songwriting on that one.

    As for EK, my favorite albums are Elephant Kashimashi 2, and Kaze. The song writing on those two albums is bluesier and grittier. They write their fair share of ballads though. You can definitely hear their ifluence on bands like Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and Ging Nang Boyz.

    Mo’some Tonebender is also a great band to check out if you enjoy BJC.

    1. Holy Moses, a million thank yous my friend! You don’t know how much I appreciate it, because I have been wondering for years what some of these songs are about!

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