U-REI English Translation

U-REI, Sorrow
Music and Lyrics by Mukai Shutoku


なっちまったか オレ

ユーレイ 死に神 見たのは夕暮れ
ユーレイ 死に神 見たのは夕焼け


ハンパな強がり TOKYO来てから?
ハンパな強がり TOKYO来てから?

憂(うれ)ってる 街に止まって 目立ってる 赫い夕暮れ
気取ってる りりしい顔で 憂ってる 街にとまって

ひっつき慣れた2人は 仲の良さそうだ

俺、憂い夕暮れに たまーにさァーとなるカンジ


mado, ikkini akeru
Shinjuku tochou no hyousou bubun
aka. deta! kono aka….
mottaku motte akai
mou yuugurezoku ni
nacchi matta ka ore
suufun sen ni ATARI wo matsu ore
jiriki de shouri

yurei shinigami mita no wa yuugure
yurei shinigami mita no wa yuuyake

atarashii jibun no ibasho
wo hisshi ni sagasu hito to sagatte ore wa
shonben yokochou ga fukkou sureba
sore de ii… to iu no wa sora genki?

hanpa na tsuyogari TOKYO kite kara?
hanpa na tsuyogari TOKYO kite kara?

uretteru machi ni tomatte medatteru akai yuugure
kidotteru ririshii kao de uretteru machi ni tomatte

yuugure jikan wa akai. houkago no shounen shoujo
hittsuki nareta futari wa naka no yosa sou da

ore, urei yuugure ni tama ni saato naru kanji


Windows, open all at once
The surface of the Shinjuku Government:
Red out! This bright red…
So completely red
Am I waiting for another
relationship with a young woman?
I wait nearby for a few minutes
My own victory

Sorrowful shinigami watched over the night
Sorrowful shinigami watched over the sunset

If I were to be reincarnated in Shomben Yokocho
My new self would be so unlike
the desperate rummager I am now
so it’s good… to ask the sky “how ya doing?”

Did you come from that “manly” Tokyo?
Did you come from that “manly” Tokyo?

The sad town remained in the conspicuous red night,
The snobby, dignified face of the sad town

Night time is red. After school, the relationships of the
sexually experienced boys and girls seem healthy

I can occasionally sense the origins of these sad nights


Note: I translated “ハンパな強がり TOKYO” (hanpa na tsuyogari TOKYO) as “that ‘manly’ Tokyo”, hinting a sarcastic tone by a speaker who thinks Tokyo is not manly at all. ハンパ indicates incompleteness, and 強がり means to pretend to be tough. I went with quotes in the interest of readability. In the context of the song, the speaker seems to bitterly mock Tokyo for creating an image of a man he cannot compete with.

“探す人” is translated as “rummager”. It literally means “a person who searches”. In this case, searching for a relationship.

Shomben Yokocho is an infamous alley in Tokyo. It is often referred to as “Piss Alley” (As shonben means piss or urine). So the translation could also be “If I were to be reincarnated in a piss drenched alley”.


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